Roadmaster Quiet Hitch

The Quiet Hitch has been around for years but Roadmaster just realized it has two uses: stopping rattles and reducing sway. According to Roadmaster, the Quiet Hitch stops sway and wander before it begins by eliminating any free play between the receiver and the tow bar (or bike rack, ball mount or whatever you insert) for a solid, seamless connection. Consistent pressure keeps your towing combination tracking straight through crosswinds, curves and sudden maneuvers — all with considerably less effort on your part. Look for a road tested review in a future issue of RV.

Snow Performance Tow Max

New from Snow Performance is their Tow Max water methanol injection kit designed to give safe power, EGT control, and increased fuel economy while towing. Special mapping and a sophisticated 2d digital controller can result in up to 300 degree Fahrenheit exhaust gas temperature reductions, an average 70hp boost and gains of one to two miles per gallon. Snow says the Tow Max will not leave signatures on your factory computer and will not affect your diesel particulate filter negatively. Kits are available for gas or diesel engines and Snow has kits for every budget. Look for a road tested review of the Tow Max in the next issue of RV.

Dr. Bill’s Dog First Aid Kit

Dr. Bill’s Dog First Aid Kit was designed for dogs by a veterinarian and includes the essential items for handling most minor first-aid situations. This kit provides essential and practical items to handle most minor first aid events and keeps it affordable. A lot of thought was given to what are the essential items one needs in a dog first aid kit to handle the multitude of minor medical encounters. Some injuries such as minor cuts, scrapes or the beginning of hot spots can be treated at home or on the road with Dr. Bill’s First Aid Kit.

Rhino Epoxy Floor Coating

DIY Rhino Epoxy Floor Coating is an easy-to-use, one-coat, semi-gloss epoxy that will protect floors against wear and tear, hot tire peel, and gasoline and motor-oil stains. The DIY Rhino Kit comes in three colors and contains enough product to coat 250 square feet, roughly the size of a one-car garage. Plus, Rhino Linings has a special offer for RV readers: Use code garage10 for one kit or code garage25 for two and receive up to $25 off with free freight.