Got the urge to climb a mountain? If you do Bill Swails and Michele Connolly hope you do it in one of their EarthRoamers.

While conventional motorhomes were never intended to detour too far off the asphalt jungle without fear of being stuck, EarthRoamer's (Class-C) XV-LT and the new XV-JP are purposely-built to get people into and out-of the most scenic terrains this world as to offer. In a nutshell, the idea behind this unique way of RVing came out of a desire to encourage people off the couch and into the wilderness by offering many of the comforts and amenities found in more traditional RV platforms.

For at least one of the founders this dream to discover the world began somewhere in the early 1970's. EarthRoamer CEO Bill Swails was an avid reader of such classic adventure stories as Huck Finn, Tom Sawyer and Robinson Crusoe and he desperately wanted a break from his engineering position with McDonnell Douglas to pursue other interests. The aerospace industry just didn't provide the kind of stimulation that he felt he wanted from life, and after returning to continue his education at UCLA he met Michele Connolly. Together they formed an alliance and mutual love for the great outdoors that continues today at EarthRoamer.

Seeing the Light
After graduating with an MBA from UCLA, Bill headed to Denver, Colorado in a new position with a tele-communications company. But something was amiss in this new corporate world and the outdoors called again. This time Bill set his sights on mountain climbing and his nature photography. He quenched his passion by scaling 39 of the 54, 14,000-foot mountain peaks that Colorado has to offer. As it turned out that was just the beginning.

He was making plans to travel around the world, but couldn't find the right vehicle to do it in, so he improvised and by 1998, Bill had designed a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel that could carry him and his equipment into the most remote places he had only dreamed about. He called his new adventure rig the ER2K and it was a four-wheel-drive labor of love.

The ER2K was a rough-road capable, durable mode of transportation that offered some of the creature comforts found in other RVs. From that humble beginning, EarthRoamer was born. And today Michelle and Bill are committed to making people's life more rewarding by providing vehicles that can go practically anywhere that their imagination takes them.

For two very smart people, forming EarthRoamer might have been a gutsy move, especially when RVers were comfortable living out their dreams with swimming pools, and golf links. But something told Swails and Connolly that there were plenty of active outdoor adventurers who'd gladly pass on the RV park for a breathtaking trek into nature's wonderlands and so together they created the XV-LT and the new XV-JP. To date, Bill and Michele have taken EarthRoamer around the world - crossing some of the most inhabitable lands from Central America to Alaska.