20 The Boondock King

The Ultimate Doomsday Travel Trailer from Down Under. We Push the Only Kimberly Karavan in the U.S. to its Limit

26 Tweaking an Icon
The Jeep JK, but Better. We Hook Up our Jeep Wrangler with a Custom Tow Bar and Ready it For Off-Road Duty

Road Tests

34 2013 Entegra Cornerstone 45K

Mark Quasius Tests out Entegra Coaches New Flag Ship RV


42 Gateway to the Bighorns

Plane Crash Sites, Ritzy Resorts, Scenic Off-Road Trails and Steep Grades. We Explore Buffalo, Wyoming.

Tech & How-To

50 RV Tires

How to Keep Your Tires in Tip-Top Shape

54 Stop!
Trailer Brakes and Brake Controllers Explained

56 Full Bars
Wilson Cellular Signal Booster

58 Mechanic in a Box
Stay off the Back of that Tow Truck with a Professional Quality OBDII Code Scanner


6 6% Grade

Editor-in-Chief Adam Blattenberg Asks, "Who Are You?"

8 Highway Tales
Mid-West Editor Mark Quasius Discusses When an RV is Not an RV

10 Personal Cargo
Three Cool New Kits for the Kitchen, Plus an Extremely Sturdy Bag to Store all Your Toys and Tools

12 Around the Next Bend
Jennifer Duncan Has a Few Uninvited Guests

14 Hot Products
8 Hot New Products: From Water Pumps to First Aid for Fido

16 A Fork And the Road
By Popular Request, Our New Food Column. This Issue: Campsite Prepared with a Dutch-Oven, Lentil Soup

18 RV Insight
News and Happenings From Within the RV World

On the Cover: Mark Quasius and his Allegro bus head out to explore Buffalo, Wyoming. Main photo by Mark Quasius.