Power House Generators

These generators are whisper quiet and loaded with features not seen on most other power plants. Each unit provides pure-sine wave AC power (so they're safe for medical equipment) and are available from a petite 500 watts up to a robust 3,100 watts. Available wireless start keeps you in control and out of the elements while a wheelie tow bar makes transport a cakewalk.
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Husky Center Line
Husky Towing Products has changed sway-control technology as we know it, for the better with their Center Line System. The Center Line is the industry's first self-centering sway control system. A spring-and-cam sway system together with torsion bars, distribute weight and oppose trailer sway before it begins keeping your trailer straight and on center, giving you increased control. Look for an in depth test and review of the Center Line in the next issue of RV.
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Fuel Bomb Diesel Additive
Diesel fuel quality can vary considerably. Low quality fuel can lead to incomplete combustion, rough idle, reduced fuel economy and poor engine performance. Hellfire 8+ Cetane Booster modifies combustion in the engine by lowering the flash point of the fuel. It encourages early and uniform ignition which leads to quicker throttle response, smoother idle and better fuel economy. Each 16-ounce bottle treats 125 gallons of diesel fuel.
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Life Proof
The RV lifestyle can take a toll on cell phones. Protect your iPhone with a LifeProof case. They're waterproof down to six and a half feet, shock-proof, dust-proof and have a sleek design not seen with other iPhone cases of the like. We just got ours and we're truly impressed with the design and quality.
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Fluid Film
Keeping your battery terminals corrosion free has become more important with modern advancements in automobile technology. Fluid Film, a lanolin based corrosion preventive, can help alleviate problem corrosion on battery connections. Fluid Film is solvent free, eco-friendly, and will not evaporate from the surface. One application will create an air tight barrier of protection that will last a minimum of one year.

Quest Brake Control
Designed for the seasoned “tow-er” who wants all the options is the new Quest Brake Control. It's a self-leveling unit with an advanced proportional design that mirrors the braking action of the tow vehicle. Sensitivity and power output are adjusted via push button and displayed on a digital screen for ultimate control. Unlike many other brake controllers the Quest activates the brake lights under manual operation maximizing safety.

Magellan RoadMate RV GPS
New from Magellan is their RoadMate RV specific navigation system. The RV9165T has a 7-inch touch screen, is Bluetooth ready, and comes packed with RV specific destinations like campgrounds, national parks and more. Route customization is also available based on your vehicle's length, width, weight, and height.

We've got one RoadMate RV GPS to give away. Breakdowns, road closures, or wrong turns. Tell us about your most problematic trip to camp. The best (or worst) story gets a free Magellan RoadMate GPS!