The term "there's an app for that" used to be a tech cliche for the growing ubiquity of smartphone technology in our daily lives. But apps have gone far beyond simply being interesting novelties into becoming essential utilities used daily by millions around the world. GMC makes its contribution to the app universe with the GMC Trailering App, available free starting today in the iTunes store. Naturally, the just-introduced 2014 GMC Sierra is featured prominently in the artwork and videos featured in the app.

Among the information featured is a "Trailering 101" guide for beginners, a hitches and equipment glossary, a section on "dinghy" or flat-towing, explanations of how GMC trailering technologies work, safe trailer techniques, and a pretrailering checklist.

In addition, users can enter information about what type of towing they will be doing, and the app will make a vehicle recommendation for users that aren't already owners. The app will be updated on an ongoing basis with new how-to videos over time.

The app is currently available only in the Apple iOS App Store, but GMC says it will consider offering the app on other mobile platforms based on customer feedback and demand.

Source: General Motors