Recently we reluctantly paid a $400 tow bill to have our broken-down truck and trailer towed home from a campsite. Once home we borrowed a buddy’s vehicle code scanner and as it turned out, the culprit was a $25 part that takes ten minutes to change and was available at a parts shop across the street from camp. Ouch.

Had we possessed a scanner, we could have replaced the part ourselves and dodged the painful tow bill. Humiliated and broke, we vowed never again, and the search for a good code scanner was on.

There are dozens and dozens of scanners out there and after hours of searching and comparing we found the AutoScanner Plus from Actron was the best fit for us and any RVer. The AutoScanner Plus can read and display most vehicles’ codes, like other scanners. It goes the extra mile by having the ability to display real time data and record it plus this scanner will help diagnose your problem with its built in database of recommended fixes. It truly is a mechanic in a box.

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