Brakes are important. That minivan that just cut you off on the highway is about to come to a screeching halt. And if you don’t have great control of your trailer’s stopping ability, that 15,000-pound house-on-wheels behind you is going to push you right on through that precious minivan.

We’ve all been there before. It’s a scary situation that leaves us with high blood pressure and a few choice words for the captain of said minivan. Having a good set of brakes on the truck, a quality brake controller, and properly maintained trailer brakes are a must for safety and peace of mind.

At the moment our tow rig’s brakes are in good working order and are more than sufficient. The trailer is brand new, but we’ll check its brakes anyways. What we needed was good brake controller. Curt Manufacturing has always stood for quality in our minds, and when we saw its new Triflex digital brake controller, we just had to check it out.

Post Install Test

Once installed we took the truck and trailer on a 600-mile test drive, up and down numerous steep grades and through infamous L.A. traffic on the way to one of our favorite destinations in the Southern California desert. The Triflex performed flawlessly. Once we found the best power setting for our Carson trailer the Triflex did the rest. Towing uphill the controller lessened its output to compensate and did the exact opposite when moving down those healthy mountain passes. Panic stops are something we always try to avoid, but we did get cut off by the aforementioned minivan. The Triflex’s accelerometer sensed we were braking harder and kicked up the power, bringing all 20,000 pounds to a smooth, safe stop. We’re impressed.

Curt Manufacturing